Our commercial pest control services

Integrated Pest management

A pest problem can threaten the health and safety of your business, including products, customers, and employees. At Woody’s Exterminating, our goal is to give you protection from unwanted pests by conducting a walkthrough assessment, proper treatment, and then ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure effectiveness.

Scheduled service

As a business owner, you do so many things to make sure you have a successful business. One other thing that should be considered is routine pest control services. Having a scheduled pest control routine can help you maintain your business for the long term and catch any issues that might come up, right when they start.

Commercial Pest Removal

We offer powerful, proven commercial pest control services. We can eliminate any pest infestations with our customized pest control solutions. Our commercial pest control plans are built for each customer individually and are to ensure that we fix the problem long term.

See all Long Island common pests we safely prevent and remove.

Licensed & Insured

Woody’s Exterminating is a certified, licensed, and insured commercial and residential pest exterminator on Long Island.

Environmentally-friendly pest removal

Woody’s Commercial Pest Control uses state-of-the-art technologies and supplies to conduct corporate pest management as environmentally friendly as possible.

commercial pest control

When commercial facilities are bugged by pests it often requires a different procedure than residential pest management. Commercial buildings have limited access to commercial bug exterminators and require insurance and current licenses. It’s not uncommon to deal with building management.
Commercial pest control can be more time-sensitive. It’s usually easier to relocate a family for a couple of days than shutting down a whole business facility. Woody’s Exterminating has been cost effective and has excelled in controlling pests quickly with minimal disruption.
Don’t let pests take over your place of business. Woody’s exterminating offers pest management services for your business at an affordable cost.

Specialty Industries

Hotels and apartment complexes are one of the very few businesses that can suffer from the Long Island bed bugs. A quick and confidential removal is required. We can solve your pest infestation safely and effectively for the long term.
One little pest can create a big problem for our biggest commercial clients, restaurants. We work fast and discreet to perform the needed preventive maintenance and care to keep your restaurant pest free.
In the retail space, you need a pest control partner that knows how important your reputation is. A clean and pest free space is imperative for a retail establishment to succeed. Whether you are at the ground floor of an office building or in a stand alone building we can make sure your retail space is able to leverage our pest control solutions. Our certified retail protection program helps to ensure a clean and pest free environment.


Our Long Island Service Areas

We operate in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island NY. Give us a call or contact us for our Commercial Pest Control Services.