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    Your Nassau County Exterminator

    Woody’s Exterminating is a local Long Island Pest Control company. Our mission is to keep Nassau Counties’ homes and businesses pest free. We offer residential and commercial pest removal on Long Island.

    We control Nassau Counties' most common pests


    Top rated Ant Exterminator in Nassau Country. Ants require a professional pest control, doing it yourself may spread the infestation. There are three species of ants ranting in Nassau County: The Odorous House Ant, Carpenter Ant, and Pharaoh Ant. Luckily, there aren’t any Fire Ants on Long Island.


    The number of bed bug infestations are increasing on Long Island. We remove bed bugs throughout your hospitality business or Nassau home.


    Cockroaches are not a sign of dirty homes or businesses. Small leaks or moist areas inside and outside your resident or business are a perfect habitat for cock roaches. There are mainly three kinds of roaches reported in Nassau County: The American, Oriental, and German Roach.


    Ticks can be hazardous for you, your family and pets. Tick season in Nassau County is usually between March and June. There are mainly three tick species known on Long Island: Deer Dicks, American Dog Tick, and the Lone Star Tick.


    Most spiders are harmless for humans. However, there are two hazardous spider species in Nassau County that can cause serious bites: Brown Recluse and Black Widow. Please call Woody’s immediately if you encounter these spiders in or around your home or business.


    Mice, rats and even voles can cause damage to your Long Island home or business. It’s always recommended to get a pest inspection from a professional exterminator.

    Bee Removal Long Island


    The most commonly known stinging pests on Long Island are bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets.


    Termites are most active in spring between March and May. That’s when you notice them the easiest infesting Nassau's neighborhoods.


    We offer 100% customer service satisfaction! It starts with local customer service.


    A pest problem can threaten the health and safety of your business, including products, customers, and employees. At Woody’s Exterminating, our goal is to give you protection from unwanted pests by conducting a walkthrough assessment, proper treatment, and then ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure effectiveness.

    As a business owner, you do so many things to make sure you have a successful business. One other thing that should be considered is routine pest control services. Having a scheduled pest control routine can help you maintain your business for the long term and catch any issues that might come up, right when they start.

    We offer powerful, proven commercial pest control services. We can eliminate any pest infestations with our customized pest control solutions. Our commercial pest control plans are built for each customer individually and are to ensure that we fix the problem long term.

    Woody’s Exterminating is a certified, licensed, and insured commercial and residential pest exterminator on Long Island.


    Woody’s Commercial Pest Control uses state-of-the-art technologies and supplies to conduct
    corporate pest management as environmentally friendly as possible.


    Please don’t just take our word, but take it from your neighbors. Our goal
    is to be the best Nassau County Exterminator and to keep your home or business pest free.


    Call Woody’s for our full service today – from the east Hamptons to Nassau.

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