Woody’s Exterminating is your bed bug removal service in need. Bed bug infestations are getting more and more reported across North America, especially in the Greater New York City area and Long Island.


Professional Bed Bug Treatments on Long Island

We will inspect your hotel or home for every possible bed bug-infested area. We will use state-of-the-art pest management to ensure a good night’s sleep. Woody’s Exterminating uses bed bug heat treatment to control the pest.

There are also chemical and non-chemical treatment options available. Discuss the options and your preferences with the exterminator.


Why do you need a bed bug exterminator?

Bed bug bites can cause an itch and infection. It’s advised as a first step to wash all bedding thoroughly including clothes. A professional extermination company needs to resolve the bed bug problem. It’s crucial to get rid of bed bugs immediately. Killing bed bugs stops the infestation and will limit the spread of the problem. Get a free estimate and inspection today.


How to identify bed bug infestation?

Long Island bed bugs are active at night and rest through the day. Some signs of bed bugs are:

  • Most obvious are bite marks or skin inflammation on yourself or family members
  • Unusual dark or red spots on mattresses: the spots can be the blood from squashed bugs or excrements
  • Severe infestations can also spread towards other furniture like shelves and cupboards


How can you help with the extermination process?

You can help to eliminate the bed bug problem by preparing for your exterminator:

  • Remove all items on and around the bed like blankets, pillows, sheets, mattress covers and wash them at high temperatures. Intense drying is also recommended. Bed bugs die when exposed to high heat.
  • Keep the infestation area free from objects that might be in the way like nightstands, chairs, dressers, or clothes.
  • When possible – and applicable – arrange for your pets to stay somewhere else. The treatment may affect them.
  • Think bigger: if you think you cleared the area and washed all items around the infested objects, add a bigger radius. If possible store containers and boxes outside.


Commercial bed bug control

Bed bugs can enter your facility in a multitude of ways.  Bed bugs can even travel in the luggage of your guests. It’s crucial to control the bed bug problem immediately to avoid the spread of the infestation.

Early Detection 

Diagnosis of where and when bed bugs are active is key. Woody’s Exterminating team will provide hands-on training and guidance to your staff so they know what to look for.  Early detection is key to stopping your bed bug problem early.  

Effective Solutions 

If and when we are notified of a bed bug infestation, we’ll immediately perform an extensive inspection and get to work removing these unwanted guests with our state-of-the-art treatments. 


Hotel Bed Bug Exterminator Serving Long Island

The pest control team at Woody’s Exterminating works with many hotels and motels throughout Suffolk and Nassau County on Long Island.  We offer a quick response and preventative approach that keeps gone for good. The key to any hotel or motel facility is to investigate factors that contribute to pest infestation, from dining and common areas to guest rooms and ground areas. 

Woody’s Exterminating works with products that are safe for both employees and residents. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our bed bug exterminator! We serve hotels across Long Island. 

Woody’s Exterminating is fully licensed & insured, and experienced with commercial pest control. We have helped many hotels to resolve pest problems in Long Island. Hospitality and healthcare clients rely on our services since 2013.

We help Long Island exterminate bed bugs quickly, discreetly, and thoroughly.

Get a free bed bug inspection in Long Island, NY for your home or business.

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