Termite Inspection Long Island NY

Recent studies showed that termites caused more than $5 billion in residential damage. Woody’s Termite Inspection is here for you to control and prevent your Long Island home from termites.
Sentricon system to control termites

  • Residential or commercial pest control
  • Fast and comprehensive termite control
  • Free termite inspection in Long Island

Identifying Termites in Long Island

Everyone can self-check if the problem might be termites, but when in doubt, call Woody’s and we will conduct a free termite inspection.

What do termites look like?

In Long Island, subterranean termites are most common and active. They even can be found in New York City.
Termites live in colonies and have different roles within the subterranean termite colony. Similar to bees a colony consists of workers and soldiers and reproducers – also called warmers.

The Long Island subterranean termite can be between 0.25 to 0.5 inches long. However, each termite has its own look.

The look of subterranean termites (common in Long Island)

Reproducers/Swarmers: Have four similar-sized wings and most often can be seen in spring
Soldiers: They’re wingless and have a white body. The massive rectangular yellow-brownish head with large mandibles are their main characteristic
Worker termites: Also wingless with a pale body. Worker termites infest homes

What are signs of termite infestation?

Termites infest the wood of a house. They eat tubes into the wood. This task is done by the wingless worker termites. The colony follows the workers into the tubes.
An indicator of termites is small tube holes in your wood/structure. If you notice those holes, call a termite inspection immediately.

Because termites don’t sleep and eat 24/7 the damage progress can be very fast. Once the structure is infested, it can be very costly to repair. Often insurances don’t cover the damage caused by termites.

Other indicators of termites are hollow wood areas in your home. If you hear hollow sounds that were not there before or shouldn’t be, it’s a sign of termite progress.
Dropped wooden parts or wings along windows, doors, or other wooden areas could be a sign of termite tunnels weakening the structure.

How to prevent termites?

There are several key tips to help prevent termites.

  • Keep moisture levels low inside your home.
  • Make sure you don’t have any leaks or broken pipes.
  • Replace water damaged wood.
  • Gutters are properly installed with water draining away from the house.

How does the termite removal process work?

At Woody’s Exterminating we use an Advanced Termite Bait System. The ATBS is the next generation of bait systems. While some Long Island exterminators use bait systems that present many challenges and can result in slow or poor performance. Pest control companies across the country are experiencing hits as quickly as 15-45 days and fast colony elimination with the Advance Termite Bait System. So you can now combine the efficacy of newer non-repellant liquids with the customer satisfaction and selling advantages of a bait system. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Methods of termite control

Baits vs liquids: (does Woody’s use both?) Maybe Sentricon termite system? (that keyword is important – if Woody doesn’t use it we should say why – but move to the collapsable FAQ section)

Termite FAQs

Why do termites infest houses?

Termites feed on cellulose, which is contained in wood. Termites prefer rotten or damp wood but can eat their way through other woods.
Termites are attracted by light and therefore come near houses and porches. Especially, close to light sources like doors and windows.

When is termite season in Long Island?

Subterranean termites infest structures in spring between March and May. That’s when they are most active and can be seen swarming around.

Are termites dangerous for humans?

Termites are harmless for humans but can damage the home and can be of danger to pets. It’s advised to get an inspection and remove the termites comprehensively. The damage to homes was estimated to $5 billion in the US.

Get a free termite inspection now.

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