Everything you need to know about Long Island Bees

If you think your home or workspace is infested by bees, please call a bee removal service immediately. Bee removal can be very dangerous and at a certain level even fatal for humans. Don’t try to remove bees by yourself. Let the professionals at Woody’s take care of it.

Signs of bees

You see an unusually high amount of bees in and around your home. Bees like to hide in cracks and often drill holes in wood to build nests/hives. Sometimes bees can be mistaken for wasps but also require professional exterminator services.

Types of bees on Long Island

There are several species of bees on Long Island.

Honey bees

Most commonly you will find harmless honey bees outside. They spread pollen and keep the natural environment in balance. If honey bees become a hazard please call Woody’s Bee Removal specialists to take care of the problem.
The swarm removal can be done without causing any harm to the bees.

Long Island Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees drill holes into wood and can be found in homes, porches, or even around garden furniture. Bee colonies can be of large numbers and very dangerous to humans. Please call a bee removal company.

Bald Faced Hornets

Hornets build their ball-looking nests often in trees or bushes hanging from branches.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets start their nest by utilizing empty space in the ground, but also cracks in walls, or the attic. Once the empty space is filled, an expansion can be visible. The next looks similar to a hornet nest.

Why do you need professional bee removal services?

Bees and wasps can sting and cause allergic reactions. Even without allergic reactions, a high amount can be very dangerous to humans and can cause injuries and death.

Bees can damage your home

Bees can damage the wood in which they nest that requires repair. Additionally, once space is fully exhausted bees can break through walls and expand into your home.
More, even after removing honey bees, there could be honey left which can attract other animals or damage the wood further.

The bee removal process

When you contact Woody’s Exterminating for bee removal services, your Woody’s bee specialist will take the following steps.

First, we will determine if you have bees on your property. Sometimes a stinging insect may look like a bee, but it is really a wasp, hornet or even termite. Different insects require different treatments and equipment, so it is important to know what we are looking for.

Once we identify the bees, we will locate the hive. There could be multiple hives depending on the infestation. Your Woody’s bee specialist will also identify any possible entry points into your home or business that would need to be closed off to prevent bees from getting in.

Our licensed exterminators are trained and equipped to treat many different bee hives and nests. We use tools like bee poles and protective suits to ensure the process is safe. Once the stinging insect is identified, treatment options will be discussed with the home or business owner.

Woody’s Exterminating is a certified, licensed, and insured commercial and residential pest exterminator on Long Island.